Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rainy Days of Genealogy and Football

This is my first, of hopefully many, blog posts from West Seattle, WA.

After a record-setting 82 straight days of sun, Fall has finally fallen here in West Seattle. We're back to 52 F, wet and gray. I, for one, am somewhat relieved, as we've never seen a streak like that here in the great northwest.  For lack of a better word, it was starting to get a little "weird". This is good news for those fighting forest fires in the middle of the state too.

The sun hung out long enough this summer to see us through Ben's extended baseball season (not one rainy day for Fallball this year) and the start of Bobby's soccer season. Bobby has another month of soccer and Ben will concentrate on his Karate Black Belt activities in hopes of testing next Spring.

Now is the time of year that we can get back to Sunday family dinners cooked all day long in the slow cooker, Beth can work on her jewelry creations, and I can spend a few hours doing genealogy research while watching the Seahawks on TV.

I like this time of year, because things go at a slower pace (at least on the weekends, outside of work). Shorter days, more time to just hang out and do family things together, even if it's just watching TV.

I hope to keep posting from this blogsite as frequently as my time allows. Until next time, good tidings from Upper Alki.

- Jamie

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